RogueJewels Free Members Club

RogueJewels Free Members Club

I've been making and selling jewellery for long enough to know a few things.

  1. None of us ever manage to retain the care guides and information leaflets that arrive with our purchases, and there has to be a better way to do them.
  2. That you have tonnes of jewellery you love, but can't remember where you bought it from whenever your friends comment, or who to buy another set from in another colour/style/replace that earring you lost
  3. RogueJewels customers are a brilliant, caring, giving section of society who come back as much for the story, the charity donations and drives, the weird and wonderful shit I get up to, and to play with new styles

So I decided to make it easier, more supportive, more flexible and also better on the environment.

By setting everything up online and giving you the opportunity to have everything you need in one place, together with an amazing community, and bonuses for being awesome (because I know that you are).

So, when you join the Free Member's Club you'll have online access to care guides for your jewellery, hints and tips to help you out, behind the scenes info.

Oh, and I've giving you something pretty awesome for joining.

A £10 giftcard to spend in the RogueJewels store, with no minimum purchase requirement.

Click the subscribe bottom below to get all the information you need!

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How to care for your jewellery!

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